SEXY Chocolate Version of Magic Mike!! JUUUM- Official Trailer!!! ;)

Mariah Carey doesn’t waste time – Kissing Billionaire! See the pics here ;)



AG075427_29_Mariah-Carey-James-Packer-467mariah-carey-leans-in-for-a-kiss-with-james-packer-during-italian-getaway (1)


mariah Carey James Packer_940x526


Mariah Carey doesn’t waste time … just days after she hopped on a yacht with new billionaire BF James Packer, they’re already talking marriage. Mariah say it’s insane … They’ve been “dating” for just a matter of days, but he’s already told her he wants to marry her, sooner rather than later. The soonest can be when she’s officially divorced from Nick Cannon. But Mariah is open to tying the knot with James. It looks like they are almost on a honeymoon. They’ve been cruising from country to country since late last week, and James blared Mariah’s music for everyone to hear, including all the people on vastly smaller boats. James is obsessed with Mariah and her music. He went to her concert in Vegas a month-and-a-half ago and has been pursuing her ever since.

Thank God he is a billionaire because he is not hansom!!

Mariah would probably not have been into him, if he didn’t have a fat wallet!! .. Its like: beauty and the beast hahaha!! Sorry I will try to be nice, but it is difficult for me.

Maybe it is true love 😉 who knows!! I can imagine Mariah Carrey has her own money, so she doesn’t need a man to help her out. Anyway if this guy makes her happy!! Good for her!!

But James seriously whats going on with your skinny arms!! ewww.. Get your ASS to the gym fast!! ASAP Brother!! 😉

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SEXY Chocolate Version of Magic Mike!! JUUUM- Official Trailer!!! ;)