South Kensington Membership Club Opening, Summer Party!

Image ref 4881354J. Copyright Rex Features Ltd. No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

Image ref 4881354J. Copyright Rex Features Ltd. No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.




I was lucky to be invited to the opening at the SKC. I loved the Vibe, Crowd, Restaurant, Food, Spa, Gym and other facilities. If you live in London, don’t hesitate to check out The South Kensington Club SKC 😉 Yesterday I was wearing YSL sandels, my Valentino Bag and my Lonkel Paris dress. I had natural make up, using, Mac foundation, Mac Powder, white Dior eyeshadow, mixed with purple and My Lovely DIOR SHOW mascara. 😉

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the South Kensington Club, an innovative private members’ club, inspired by a spirit of adventure and a multicultural perspective. A place for you to feel at home. Enjoy the surroundings, the limitless potential to explore and expand your horizons, whilst benefiting from the state of the art facilities.

The Club draws on ancient rituals from around the world to promote fitness, health and the spirit of discovery. It is simultaneously a place to learn and be inspired, to connect with like-minded individuals, or to retreat and unwind in total privacy.

Whatever your definition of escape’, you should find it here. The facilities are unparalleled as is our commitment to our members. We look forward to introducing you to your new club. (look at the Club pictures below)

“A re-energising escape from the crazy pace of London life” is how Sicilian hospitality impresario Luca Del Bono describes his concept for the South Kensington Club, a stylish, health-conscious haven for private members.

The vast Georgian building once housed Ronnie Wood’s notoriously decadent Harrington Club. Membership starts at £2,250 for overseas members, with a fee of £2,800 for under 30s and £3,500 for full membership.

The club’s lavish bathhouse is to be a major draw – set to proffer fragrant wood-panelled Russian banyas with private plunge pools, shimmering mosaic-lined Turkish hammams, London’s only saltwater Watsu pool (“with seawater imported from Sicily”, Del Bono deadpans… But is he joking?), a discreetly positioned beauty salon and a clutch of private treatment rooms, all to be furbished in a sensual, Mediterranean-cum-colonial scheme that looks blessedly timeless and welcoming, dotted about with greenery.

Fitness areas will be likewise gracious and “state of the art”, with a dedicated hot-yoga room, spinning studio, Pilates space and unusually airy gym on the top floor featuring a conservatory roof that floods the room with daylight. A gentle cool-down post workout is suggested via the juice bar, which will open out onto an elegant open-air terrace – a nice spot to consult your expert nutritionist and/or trainer to tweak that personal programme to perfection.

If all this sounds a little puritanical, fear not, hedonists. There’ll also be a bar and linger-worthy restaurant serving Italian-inspired cuisine and wood-fired pizzas. So that gluten-free resolution might be challenged a little.




Holly Madison reveals nasty Details About Hugh Hefners Bedroom Activities!


Hi Ladies and Gents,

I guess we are all curious about what life would be like, living in the Playboy Mansion.

Not something I would want to try, I can only imagine charring a super old man with other pretty ladies, the whole situation sounds awful and very strange. The only one who enjoyed it is probably Hugh Hefner. But the ladies are dumb in my opinion, they could just leave instead of acting like victims, it was their own choose to sleep with a very old guy, because they wanted to be famous. Sorry Holly i don’t feel sorry for you. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it. Holly has written a new book about her life in the Playboy Mansion and it is all negative.

Watch the video on the link below, where Holly speaks about her life in the Playboy Mansion and talks bad about Hugh Hefner 😉 Enjoy!

More Playboy Mansion Gossip!!

The bunnies have grown some serious claws!

Kendra Wilkinson is firing back on all cylinders against Holly Madison, who made headlines recently for spilling some serious dirt about her time inside the Playboy Mansion.

From revealing the twisted details about (press the link in thick writing for more news) her major falling out with the current Mrs. Hank Baskett, Madison really spills the tea in her new tell-all, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.”

While Hef himself has already (press the link in thick writing for more news)  defended himself against some of the allegations in the book, saying Madison is “rewriting history,” we hadn’t heard from Kendra … until now.

“These rumors that are out there about the mansion, it’s not real,” she says in a new interview with People. “There are hundreds of people that come in and out of the mansion every day that have such a great experience. Hef has dated thousands of women, most of who still love him and they come back and love Hef and thank him for what they have done for them, including myself.”

“I am so appreciative of everything Hef has done for me. I am so appreciative of those five years living at the mansion. If it wasn’t for the mansion, I wouldn’t have met Hank, I wouldn’t have my two kids,” she continues.

Here’s where it starts to get really personal.

“I’ve moved on and I’ve grown. There are some people out there that have not done that and they’ve actually, they, obviously have different motives,” Kendra adds. “They had a different motive since day one of living at the mansion, so if this person, if Holly, you can tell she had this ulterior motive every minute being at the mansion. That motive was, it was clear as day, she wanted Hef’s kids, she wanted a piece of Playboy and she wanted to marry Hef for, obviously his will. That didn’t happen, so what do you think’s gonna happen? Revenge. We’re witnessing some revenge here.”


In the book, Holly claims Hef actually offered to add her to his will and give her $3 million at the time of his death if she didn’t leave him. Madison says she turned the offer down and left the mansion for good.

As for her relationship with Kendra, Holly says she hasn’t spoken to her in years — adding, “I don’t miss her.”

Sounds like there’s some serious bad blood here!

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Kim Kardashian and Brandy Starring in Temptation, ultimate Chick Flick, Official Trailer ;)

Hi ladies,

I watched this movie yesterday. I was positively surprised about the acting in this movie, it is definitely better, than in the movie ADDICTED. Kim Kardashian did a okay job, it was fun watching her trying to be all serious and believable. It is difficult to have a believable acting carrier, when you are the biggest reality star ever.The singer Brandy did a better job. I didn’t like the ending, so bad ending seriously – sucked! Waaaay to serious for my taste, it is a chick flick and a chick flick is supposed to be fun and make you feel good, the ending was NOT fun at all.

Anyway the movie was entertaining, so if you are curious, go for it! You can rent it on Itunes.



What else is needed in a chic flick!! I watched this movie and to be honest I was disappointed by the acting!! I am the biggest movie geek and I watch loads of movies, the most important thing for me is the actors talent!! This movie doesn’t have a lot of talent, but it is entertaining anyway!! If you are looking for some easy entertainment and some sexy boys having sex. I think you should watch it!! Go for it!!

I hope your summer will be as steamy as this movie!! LOL..

Have fun Ladies, break some hearts! you are only young once!


Mariah Carey doesn’t waste time – Kissing Billionaire! See the pics here ;)



AG075427_29_Mariah-Carey-James-Packer-467mariah-carey-leans-in-for-a-kiss-with-james-packer-during-italian-getaway (1)


mariah Carey James Packer_940x526


Mariah Carey doesn’t waste time … just days after she hopped on a yacht with new billionaire BF James Packer, they’re already talking marriage. Mariah say it’s insane … They’ve been “dating” for just a matter of days, but he’s already told her he wants to marry her, sooner rather than later. The soonest can be when she’s officially divorced from Nick Cannon. But Mariah is open to tying the knot with James. It looks like they are almost on a honeymoon. They’ve been cruising from country to country since late last week, and James blared Mariah’s music for everyone to hear, including all the people on vastly smaller boats. James is obsessed with Mariah and her music. He went to her concert in Vegas a month-and-a-half ago and has been pursuing her ever since.

Thank God he is a billionaire because he is not hansom!!

Mariah would probably not have been into him, if he didn’t have a fat wallet!! .. Its like: beauty and the beast hahaha!! Sorry I will try to be nice, but it is difficult for me.

Maybe it is true love 😉 who knows!! I can imagine Mariah Carrey has her own money, so she doesn’t need a man to help her out. Anyway if this guy makes her happy!! Good for her!!

But James seriously whats going on with your skinny arms!! ewww.. Get your ASS to the gym fast!! ASAP Brother!! 😉