Very Sexy Video From The Grande Glamour May Ball & Louis Vuitton Shoes!! 




Hey Ladies,

Many of you wanted to see my shoes up close and have asked for pictures! So here you GO!! I wore them at the Grand Glamour May Ball 2015. They are pricey, no doubt about that!! But very comfortable!! Quality all the way!! These heels are high, but the platforms in the front make them very easy to walk in. Your legs will look super long and the heel is thin and sexy!! I LOOOVE them!! I want to have sex with my own feet when I wear these shoes, hahaha. Under your toes extra padding is made inside the shoe, so your feet won’t be as sore like it usually feels when wearing very high heels – thank you Louis Vuitton, why don’t all shoe brands do that!?! Please, we want to avoid the foot pain as much as possible! I was very impressed because I was wearing these shoes all night at the Grand Glamour May Ball. I was proud of myself for not being a grandma and bringing flats with me lol..

I forgot to upload this video yesterday! I feel it shows the atmosphere more than the pictures so you can get a better vibe of what kind of energy was present later on into the night at the event, a sexy, sophisticated and cool vibe at the same time. Nice crowd and cool performance, by the way. I love events that are different!! I am not a very uptight person as you have probably figured out by now; I am very outgoing. Don’t judge, its 2015 so go check yourself if this video makes you feel uptight, in some way. Like I always say people can do whatever they want. This is all for now folks – thank you for stopping by!! More posts tomorrow and rest of the week like always.  MUaaaah and lots of LOVE from me to you.

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