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Hi Ladies,

My shoes are YSL – so cute!! From this summer collection.

My dress is Lonkeln Paris! I don’t know this brand, I got it in a mall in central Stockholm! I love looking like a sophisticated lady with summer colors 😉

Hopefully A bit of inspiration for you girls!

You can wear this outfit during the day because the dress is NOT super short it is cute for a lunch date or you can spice it up with some more make up and wear it as an evening dress at a trendy restaurant or cool party.

I wore this outfit for Nozomi’s Brunch party during the day.

Nozomi is an amazing sushi restaurant with a great atmosphere. The perfect restaurant to go for dinner, before a party or night out. They have amazing cocktails and sushi. They play load music and sometimes people will start dancing by their tables. – check out the link: –



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