Voice Over Instructions ;) Abdominals, Squats, Obliques, Triceps, Circuit Training.

Pretty Pink Barbie Nails


Hello Beautiful Women,

Our hands and nails signify who we are, when a stranger scans you from your head to your toes, your nails and hands are very significant.

They will tell the person looking at you a lot about your hygiene and personality.

For one thing if your nails, hands and feet are clean and well polished – looking pretty. The person looking at you will come to the conclusion, that you are a person who takes care of yourself and your hygiene, that is a very good thing.

If you have extremely long nails in a white or flashy color the person looking at you, might thing you are a stripper or have a very sexy (could be a Bimbo) personality haha 😉 – so you see, our nails signify a lot.

I adore this pretty pink nail-polish, I feel like a cute barbie doll wearing it. I love having beautiful hands, it makes me feel amazing and feminine.

You can buy this pretty pink barbie color – brand WAH  LONDON in any boots shop in London or online – (international shipment) at:


Summer is here, so make sure you treat your hands with a beautiful pretty summer color from WAH LONDON! 🙂



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Voice Over Instructions ;) Abdominals, Squats, Obliques, Triceps, Circuit Training.