Pretty Pink Barbie Nails


Hello Beautiful Women,

Our hands and nails signify who we are, when a stranger scans you from your head to your toes, your nails and hands are very significant.

They will tell the person looking at you a lot about your hygiene and personality.

For one thing if your nails, hands and feet are clean and well polished – looking pretty. The person looking at you will come to the conclusion, that you are a person who takes care of yourself and your hygiene, that is a very good thing.

If you have extremely long nails in a white or flashy color the person looking at you, might thing you are a stripper or have a very sexy (could be a Bimbo) personality haha 😉 – so you see, our nails signify a lot.

I adore this pretty pink nail-polish, I feel like a cute barbie doll wearing it. I love having beautiful hands, it makes me feel amazing and feminine.

You can buy this pretty pink barbie color – brand WAH  LONDON in any boots shop in London or online – (international shipment) at: 

Summer is here, so make sure you treat your hands with a beautiful pretty summer color from WAH LONDON! 🙂



Home workout Video!! – Glutes and Hamstrings Attack! ;)



Hi Ladies,

Join me doing this intense leg and glutes circuit. Not only does it give the regular “squats and lunges” a rest!!  it’s a great workout targeting all lower body muscles focusing on hips, glutes, and hamstrings. The cool thing about this workout is – you can do it anywhere, you don’t need a GYM – it doesn’t take more than 25 min. – so there is no excuse for being lazy. Your results will be stunning legs, a tight butt and eliminates cellulite. I don’t know with you guys but that’s what I need for summer!! To get the best results, please do this workout routine minimum 3 times a week.


I am going to Ibiza the end of this Month and I want my bootie to look GOOD in a bikini!

Join me in my workout – so we can get ready for summer together!!

I do 3 sets of 20 reps with each exercise! – Please do more if you can!!

1) Yoga donkey Kicks

2) Donkey Kicks

3) Jump squats

Have a Great Workout!!


Fitness – training – recipes – Online coaching – VERTO!!

photo 4

Hi Boys and Girls,

I used to work at KX – The best most expensive and exclusive Health club in London!! Amaaaazing Spa facilities. The PT trainers working at the gym are almost Doctors – that is how much knowledge they have. I am happy to say I am qualified enough to work there. All London’s celebrities would come there and train. Some of the celebrities I meet while working there are David Beckham – his wife Victoria Beckham, Pierce Brosnan – the now older 007 agent 😉 and Chris Evans aka. Captain America. Now I have my own private client’s so I am not attached to a specific gym. I miss seeing the celebs there!! and getting my ass whooped by my favorite PT trainer/college BEN 😉

Ben is one of the best, most skilled trainers at KX and that means he is the Bomb! He has now started he’s own online coaching company called VERTO.

For 150 £ you can buy a lot!! :

-10 week exercise plan consisting of strength training and HIIT cardio only 3 hours a week.

-10 week nutrition plan based on your current condition and goals. You build up to eating clean 85-90% of the time but you can still enjoy life’s treats.

-A variety of tasty, simple and healthy recipes to choose from.

-10 weeks of email coaching and support.

-A guide that teaches you how to design your own nutrition and exercise plan once the 10 weeks is up.

So essentially it is a body and health transformation program. However it will also teach you how to become self sufficient and keep on making progress.

With a lot of other programmes of this nature people are told to train a lot more and to be too strict with their diet. They get good results initially but they can’t maintain their results as it is too much to ask of them in the long term. Where as with Verto it is simple, realistic and easy to maintain the principles all year round, so people can look and feel great all year rather than for small periods. Plus the food tastes great.

Clients will receive the program through PDF and view it on their phone or iPad.


Email Verto:

The below photo is a client Verto transformed!! Nice abbs right!!? 🙂

photo 3

About Ben:


BSC Sports Science

MSc Strength and Conditioning

Undertook RTS Mastery Level

Precision Nutrition

Advanced Premier Personal Training
PICP Level 2

10 years experience in fitness industry

Working at KX the number 1 gym in London

He has filtered through the fitness industry to figure out what really works when it comes to health and body composition. There is so much information out there that people are very confused on what they should be eating and how they should train. Therefore Verto has been created to cut through the crap, and just tell people what they need to do to get in the best shape of their life, without having to live a boring life or be a slave to the gym. Also Verto is designed for people who cannot afford a personal trainer or want to train by themselves for a very affordable price.”

This is Ben on the below photo 😉



JUMMY VERTO FOOD!! Look at the Sweet Potato chocolate cake!!

photo 1


You might be wondering about what food you will be eating if you start online coaching with Verto; The food you are aloud to eat are healthy wholefoods, however the Verto recipes make these food taste great and are not boring and bland. Therefore you look forward to eating them and wont feel like you are on a restrictive low calorie diet. Examples include- Chicken Parmigiana, Prawn Thai Curry, Moussaka, Spanish Omelet, Indian Shepherds Pie, Homemade Chicken Kievs, Breakfast Smoothies, Protein Pancakes, Sweet Potato Brownies and many more!

Sign up Now peeps!! Don’t waste your summer eating or looking crap!

With Verto you will TrainSmart and EatSmart 😉

Ben used to train me at KX  – and that is one of the reason’s why my BOOTIE is looking rock solid!! 😀

Thanks for dropping by.






True Detective 2 – New trailer


Hi Peeeps,

I love true detective and the new season is new actors and a different story. So cool concept!! Watch the trailer here 😉

It is seriously one of my fave series I am crazy into it!! Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson amazing talented actors in season 1..

I watched season 1 twice because – I loved it so much. I have to admit I was scared and it is creepy, but I kept watching anyway.

Season 2 looks like it is going to be awesome. The new actors are very talented as-well Yaaaaaaaaaaah.

London is soooo sunny today!! Yaaah I am going for a run and then meeting my 2 ladies – we are going to a new roof top garden.

Have a Nice day.