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MAGIC MIKE 2 XXL Trailer and 3 Interviews with Channing Tatum



Hey Laaaaaaaaaadies!!!

Are we ready for this movie? ARE WE READY!!!?? YAAAAH!!

I can’t wait!! Magic Mike 1 was the bomb. I love living circa right now 😀 – this century. Now movies exist with sexy fit boys –  for women to watch and enjoy!! 20 years ago that did not exist. Only MEN would have the opportunity to droll over movies with sexy ladies! Like the movie Striptease 😉

ENJOY THE TRAILER if you haven’t already watched it!! 😉

The Graham Norton show BBC America interview: Channing Tatum – Magic Mike XXL 😉

Channing Tatum Talks about dancing in a thong on Ellen Degeneres show!! I Love Her and I LOOOOVE him – FUNNY and CUTE!!

Channing Tatum rating Matthew Mcconaughheys stripping in magic mike 1 – Matthew was hilarious in number 1!! One of my fave actors in general – so talented!!

This is all for now ladies!!

Wow you gotta Love my job!! looking at Channing video’s is tough muahahaha…

Enjoy your weekend, I hope you will get a private strip-show..LOL 😀



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