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Find Your Way to a Summer Flat Tummy (chapter 1)


Find Your Way to a Summer Flat Tummy


There can be many reasons why you don’t have a lean, sexy stomach. Today we will be looking at possible reasons, so that you can solve your problem; it CAN be solved!

Tighter stomach skin

Lean stomach

Less Bloated

Of course you have to be prepared to put in effort and work, because just dreaming about it, won’t get you quite there 😉

The diet program you will be following you can see in chapter 2 coming tomorrow!! To get a flat stomach will also be useful for your general health; you will get more beautiful facial/body skin, tighter arms and leaner thighs. Basically – if you want to get a stronger body you need to start training.

You will get the best results by combining strength and cardio training.

7 Reasons why you should continue reading this article.

1 You have difficulties with keeping your belly flat and have always had that problem.

  1. You eat right and train a lot, but you can’t get rid of the last belly fat.
  2. You are bloated when you have eaten.
  3. Your belly fat feels harder than other parts of your body covered in fat.
  4. You might also have a tendency to have back fat – a.k.a. ‘Love handles’.
  5. You gain weight, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, but you can’t get rid of the last stomach fat.
  6. You have given birth, but the belly is not getting back to normal.

Can you recognize any of these issues? Please read on: you will get all the info to solve these issues.

What you should pay special attention to:

I have heard this question many, many times in my career as a personal trainer, How do I get rid of my belly fat? Many women feel they have too much fat on their belly and that is what we are going to focus on right now.  Aside from the fact that the belly fat may prevent you from feeling or looking as sexy as you should, the belly fat is also potentially dangerous if there is a lot of it.

These are the reasons why you may have too much fat on your belly

There are often one or more reasons why your body has fat around the belly:

  1. Bad digestion
  2. Too much stress
  3. Too little exercise and bad nutrition
  4. Some of your fat might not be fat, you could be bloated.


You Might Be Thinking, why Is my Digestion Important? The fat is sitting on the outside of the belly.

I know this is not the sexiest topic in the world, but there’s no way around it – we must talk about digestion, intestines and bloated bellies. Rest assured that you will feel much better when you have addressed these problems I outline.

Bad digestion can be caused by different things:

  1. You can be allergic to different food items and not be aware of it, like GLUTEN, LACTOSE, CHILI other spices, vegetables or fruits (I am allergic to GLUTEN and LACTOSE, before I found out, my digestion was horrible, now I feel perfect, because I stopped eating Gluten and Lactose 😉 )
  2. You need more digestive bacteria in your belly.
  3. You eat or drink foods that prevent your digestion from working optimally – for example too much bread, not enough fibers and too many bubbles, meaning too much alcohol

 Do You Have problems With Your Digestion?

Do you often have belly pains?

Do you feel bloated when you have eaten?

Does your belly get big when you eat sugar, bread or drink alcohol?

Then you have more than just an excess-fat problem – you have a digestive problem.

If your digestive system is not working effectively, your intestines and body have to fight to push your food through your digestive system. The consequences:

Feeling bloated

Feeling gassy

Old food lying in your intestines because your digestive system is slow.

Tendency to gain fat/weight on your belly, because of bad blood circulation.

 How does stress affect belly fat?

Another reason why fat gets stuck on your belly could be too much stress in your life. Have you already cut sugar and bad diet out of your life and started exercising – without any result? Then you should look at how much stress you have in your life. The stress hormone Cortisol can make the fat in your body stay put, especially around the belly. The fat will feel a bit harder than usual.

1 Does your belly fat feel soft and mushy?

Get your ass to the gym and keep your diet healthy!

2 Does your belly fat feel hard?

Then it is stress fat that will melt away when you start living a relaxed, stress-free life.

Like mentioned earlier, if your fat is soft, GO to the gym and start taking care of yourself Diet is 70% of the end result, get healthy NOW – no excuses.

 abbs with print

How to Get Rid of Stress Fat:

Make sure you sleep enough hours every night

Maintain a healthy diet

Have a balanced work-life

Try to pinpoint what causes stress in your life – private circumstances or work-related factors? Once you know the source of your stress you can start dealing with it, eliminating the stress factors, solve the problems and get over it! Change your life if it is a stressful lifestyle you have, there is no easy way. Remember – at their deathbed, no-one ever said, ‘I wished I had worked more!’ – Quite the opposite, in fact!

If You Have Loose Skin on Your Belly

The last group, the ladies that have loose skin on the belly.

Have you gone up and down in weight a lot?

Given birth and not been able to get a flat stomach again?

Got pregnant, gained weight and not been able to get your skin tight again?

If you have stretch marks, I can’t promise you your belly will ever look like it did when you were 18 years old, but removing the fat will make it flatter and more lean, so the battle is not over!!

When you loose your belly fat, your belly will look better and sexier than before, regardless of your stretch marks.

In The next chapter coming out tomorrow you will get the exact Plan!! What you should eat the next few weeks to get the flat belly you are dreaming about!

But please start by addressing all the issues I told you about today!! The basic health of your body is very important, if you want to achieve the right results from diet and training.

Thank you for stopping by!! XOXO

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