Find Your Way To A Summer Flat Tummy - Chapter 2

Find Your Way To A Summer Flat Tummy Chapter 3 – Supplements




When you want to get rid of the fat on your belly it is crucial that your digestion is working the way it is designed to work. Get your stress level down; the following supplements can help with these issues:

Magnesium (take it in the evening)

Poliquin L–Glutamine best most important supplement!! Your immune system and digestion will be extremely strong.  Mix it with Poliquin Estrogenomics Px and 1 sachet Nutrimonium Nutritional Powder mix!! Your digestion will be the bomb if you drink this mix with water every morning – I do that!

You can buy L–Glutamine and Estrogenomics on the Poliquin website (The flavors I prefer are mint-chocolate and chocolate) Nutrimonium can be bought here: – or  call 0044 1663718850 – UK number

Zink (take it right after your  workout – brand: Berthelsen)

Fish oil (Omega 3 -Take it together with food – brand: Poliquin)

Multivitamin (take it with food: brand Poliquin)

Fiber – Can help clean your intestines if you are constipated; take it when you wake up, 2-3 tablets (I don’t take fiber myself – but I imagine Poliquin has some good stuff, if you have constipation problems!)


Whatever reason causes your belly fat, please follow these instructions:

1 . avoid ALL sugar, alcohol and gluten products!

  1. Eat lots of vegetables and protein at lunch and dinner 3. Follow the food plan – (see ‘chapter 2’)
  2. Take your supplements
  3. Go to the gym minimum 4 times a week.
  4. Go to bed at 10 pm and no later than 10:30 pm
  5. Drink 2 ½ – 3 liters of water every day
  6. Do not eat more food after your dinner at 6 – 6.30 pm
  7. Drink Herbal Tea
  8. Are you still hungry after your meal – drink a glass of water and eat more vegetables (have another portion of veggies – half of the portion you already had).
  9. Plan your meals.
  10. Don’t skip any big meals.
  11. Spoil yourself once a week with a fruit salad and some vanilla cream
  12. Use all the spices you like – food with taste makes your body feel good.
  13. You are allowed to eat 1-2 tiny pieces of dark chocolate (85%) every day, but try not to!!! Have the chocolate pieces as a backup if your sugar cravings become intolerable!


I will make a belly fat burn training program for you when I return from my vacation to Ibiza!! I’m on the island at the moment busy with vacation activities having FUN!! I will make a specific diet plan telling you exactly what to eat Monday – Friday, 3 meals a day and a snack!! I will also tell you how big portions you should eat – when I am back the 5th of June. In the meantime, order/buy all the supplements – and don’t forget to follow all my instructions in chapter 1 and 2. Your body will have a good basis for the clean diet and training plan (coming up when I am back). I already gave you loads of tips for what foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner – start already now! If you are in doubt about the portion size, always go for smaller portions, never big ones!! Use your MIND – you will only be cheating yourself and your belly fat won’t disappear if you eat for 2 people instead of one. J

Also, have a look at all my recipes on the blog to inspire and help you with some healthy inspiration!

Stay tuned for the diet and training program coming up!! 😀




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