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Yogi Tea


There are so many different tea brands, and it can be confusing and difficult to figure out which one to choose.

The first thing you should look for is an organic tea; if it’s not organic – don’t drink it! It is a waste of time and effort since most of the minerals and vitamins will be gone, so you are better of drinking plain water!

Yogi tea is filled with taste and it is ORGANIC! You can drink it as regular tea, use it for cooking, or ice tea.

I am a sucker for liquorice – my favourite candy is liquorice, so obviously my favourite Yogi tea is Liquorice Mint! YUUUM!!

I drink tea in the evening and mornings. When I feel hungry in the evening or before bedtime, I try to avoid unhealthy snacking, and I drink lots of tea instead.

A good hangover cure is ginger lemon tea,  drink loads of it and you will feel better quickly.

Yogi Green tea is very good quality, it is filled with lots of taste! I hate drinking tea that tastes of warm water and almost no flavour ..haha

You can buy Yoga Tea at Helsam shops in Denmark! 😉

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