Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer Interview 3 Clips released ;)

Summer Shoe Inspiration – New Shoes from YSL 

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Valentino and  Christian Louboutin go home! Quality and comfort-ability YSL by far wins the price.

I love expensive beautiful shoes, I am sure most women do. But being comfortable when you wear your beautiful shoes, is the most important thing for me, otherwise you look like an idiot limping around with pain wearing your sexy dress. The reason all women love expensive, beautiful shoes is because it makes us feel sexy, desirable and feminine when we wear them  – am I right!? The sexy feeling is what makes us go the extra mile and spend an insane amount of money.

The most comfortable shoe brand in my opinion is Yves Saint Laurent! This heel is only 10 cm. I am 174 cm tall, so I don’t need very high heels. I do Love a long thin sexy heel, but regarding comfort-ability, I will always go with the 10 cm heel. I can use them during the day for a lunch date, and also at night with a sexy cocktail dress at a membership Club in Mayfair.

You won’t go wrong with YSL they are very, very comfortable, sexy, chic and stylish.



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