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Sketch Of Sabrina


Does This look like me? 🙂

Yesterday I was on my way home from Gatwick Airport sitting in the Victoria Express train. The guy sitting across from me drew this sketch, while I was listening to Alicia Keys, wearing my purple headphones and reading my book.

What do you think, does the sketch look like me? 🙂 Let me know your comments!

London is full of cool, interesting people and I love how you often meet new people in a very random way! 🙂

The book I am reading is The International Bestseller: WILD by Cheryl Strayed The book was made into a movie, but the movie sucked! I love the book, I am almost finished – check it out.

I am off to the gym now – Equinox, The best gym in London! I will do 1 hour yoga, 1 hour strength training, 30 min. shower and steam – then 30 minutes sports massage!!

You have to put in the effort, if you want to get the results.

Have a Nice day!!

Happy Thursday!




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