4 Ways to Lose Cellulite

Fairmont Dubai by Night and The Gold Membership Lounge Brunch ;)


I simply cannot get enough of this Hotel. I have to show you all aspects of it. I took the nice evening photos from the 9th floor where the pools, gym and spa is located. Dubai by night is not only beautiful, but there are endless Restaurants, Lunge Bars and Clubs to experience.

The breakfast buffet at the Gold Membership Lounge is awesome 🙂 I am gluten allergic and they managed to find me gluten free bread, so sweet and service minded. The pictures speaks for themselves, everything is lovely. You will only gain access to the Gold Membership Lounge if you are staying at a suite, otherwise there will be another amazing breakfast buffet for you. I have stayed at the Fairmont before and I had a normal hotel room, it was nice as well.

If you can afford it I recommend booking a suite, because you save so much money on food and drinks. Everything is complimentary (free) Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, tea, wine, cocktails, all alcohol.

I am in Love with Dubai and The Fairmont Hotel.. all my posts are about this place, I will try to control myself and write about something else, sorry.. haha 😉

You should look forward to see all the pictures of Burj al-Arab! The famous 7 star hotel in Dubai – Coming up 😉



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4 Ways to Lose Cellulite