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Cindy Crawford Keeping It REAL!


Cindy Crawford – Keeping It REAL

Hey people,

This photo is a bit shocking I know! I wanted to illustrate the power of photo retouching.

The unedited photo was in (the magazine) Marie Claire in 2013 – Cindy Crawford insisted people should see what she looks like all natural. She is a very brave lady; she is around 50 years old and has given birth to two kids.

Being a model myself, I love photo retouching, I am sure most women do – ‘make my legs a bit leaner, please, my bum a bit more perky and my boobs bigger’ haha.. Thank you!

The only downside to retouching is: photographers will usually remove my abdominal muscles to give the pictures a more soft look, I HATE that – do you know how much time and hard work I put into keeping my abdominal visible – A LOT!!  😉 My abs are fine, please leave them alone!

I am pleased with my body; I invest a lot of time in staying fit – but some small retouch adjustments after a model job is always the cherry on top.

I am not sure I would have the courage to present myself au naturel in front of the whole world after having two kids and being one of the biggest sex symbols in the 80s and 90s and now being around 50!! WOWW!! RESPECT CINDY, you rock!!

Forbes Magazine named her the highest paid model on the planet at some point. For her to unashamedly show herself with cellulite and all natural to the world is a huge deal – especially in Hollywood! I don’t think anyone in Hollywood or L.A. is natural; everyone has had bum surgeries or boob implants, loads of Botox/fillers, face-lifts and liposuction if you find one natural lady in L.A. or Hollywood, she should have some kind of award. LOL

Anyway, this picture will probably be a big relief to some of my readers that are moms or women over 45; even Cindy Crawford is not perfect! So relax – you are gorgeous just the way you are, with cellulite, wrinkles and anything else that comes along with age or mommy-hood!!

Enjoy your day – Girlpower!!

I Love Cindy’s Quote in the end!!




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