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Travel: Book your next vacation to an exotic country you’ve always dreamed about experiencing. Your brain will be bombarded with new impressions and you brain will get a good workout processing all the new impulses.

Read a book in a different language: I enjoy reading English books, because my brain has to work a tiny bit harder, compared to reading in Danish.

Play the Piano: Every instrument is a huge challenge for the brain. You need talent, focus and dedication to play a complicated song on the piano. I played piano for 6 years when I was a child and I still love to play a song once in a while, you feel amazing afterwards.

Take responsibility: Use your career to challenge your brain, challenge yourself, don’t settle for the easy tasks, be the smart person at your work place 😉

Educate yourself: Never stop educating yourself. Join the university or take courses in real life or online, Study your interests, become smarter, look into things, read!!

Be Mindful: Use Yoga and meditation to spoil your brain with relaxation and calmness, feel your mood and do what’s good for you. Personally I cannot live without yoga, my body and mind feel amazing after a session and if I haven’t done yoga for a week, I feel stiff and uncomfortable. I can feel my body craves it.

Dance: Take dance lessons or fitness classes that involve body coordination.

Run outside: Leave the treadmill at the gym and run in the beautiful nature, your brain will digest different sensations. Minimum 30 minutes exercise a day can improve your memory and learning ability.

Meet New People: New people equal new experiences. You have to remember new names and faces, listen to their opinions and compare them to your own. A productive discussion is a good brain sport.

Laugh: Act silly, don’t forgot to play just because you are an adult – laugh as much as you can! I don’t really know what that does to the brain, but I know it is good for you 😉

Get A Good Night’s Sleep: The better you sleep, the better your brain will remember what you have learned the day before 😉 Sweet dreams.

Good night

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Fashion, Hot People, Style, Dubai World Cup 2015 part 2