TRAVEL GUIDE!! Trendy Venues to go In Stockholm and Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

Sportswear for Women and Children – find out what brand below the photos ;)



A Day on the Beach with my God Daughter and Princess Coco


Exercise and fun go hand in hand when the sun is shining.

I always take time out of my busy schedule to spend it together with people that matter. Remember to prioritize your time, so you have time for people you care about.

I am so happy for my title as godmother, and spending time with this little, blond angel means the world to me. She is so cute and I love her personality. I am thrilled about being part of her life and being able to help her mom and dad shape her into the woman she will one day become. I take it very seriously, and I spoil her all the time. I got her a new Cinderella Doll (classic Cindy doll) from the Disney Store in London on Oxford Street, and I got these amazing new outfits from Adidas for my god-daughter Scarlett and myself when I was in Stockholm.

My leather jacket is from Samsøe Samsøe my shoes Nike Air Max, my shades Chanel and Rita Ora, the famous British singer, designed the outfit I am wearing for Adidas and I just love things that are unique and stand out because it matches my personality. I hate wearing what everybody else is wearing. Why be scared of standing out, don’t be!! Do your own thing – do whatever you want, and wear whatever makes you feel good 😀

Scarlett’s outfit is the classic Adidas tracksuit with the big logo (I FiREBIRD TS); her little pink shoes are Jordan’s. She is my little, blond troublemaker.  I Love styling her.

I need some miniature size Jordan’s for Princess Coco, but I couldn’t find any in Doggy size!

I hope you got a bit of inspiration for dressing your children or yourself in some cool comfy sportswear!


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TRAVEL GUIDE!! Trendy Venues to go In Stockholm and Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel