Birthday Outfit, make up guide and Stockholm ;)

TRAVEL GUIDE!! Trendy Venues to go In Stockholm and Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

Hey Lovely Peeps,

Thank you for stopping by!! I promised you some photos of the amazing breakfast buffet in Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Stockholm. I was happy about all the gluten free cake, bread and cereal, it is not all hotels that offer this option. The rooms where nice and spacious and the location perfect, right in central Stockholm next to the main Station. The Hotel has a tiny gym.

Are you considering copying me and going to Stockholm for a weekend?

I have written down a list of popular and trendy, restaurants, Clubs and Lounge bars ! 😉 Please look below after the breakfast pics.


Friday evening I went for dinner at Escalier a very nice restaurant with a huge Lounge bar. The interior design is very Swedish and the food amazing – LOVED the FOOD! It was a nice place to grap some food and a few drinks for a Friday evening.

Saturday Night I went for dinner at Sturehof located at Stureplan an amazing fish and seafood restaurant in the city of central Stockholm! If you are info fish, this is the place – expensive champagne and food, but it was worth it. (see the food pictures below) It was my birthday so I wanted to eat at a really nice place. The restaurant is located right next to all the best clubs and bars within walking distance you can reach them. Afterwards we went to a bar called O- baren it is located in the same building as the restaurant, it had a great selection of old classic hip hop songs. I liked the vibe and atmosphere a lot, we danced there for a while and then we went to a club –  Sturecompagniet it is also located at Stureplan, I was not impressed with this place, it is a huge club with different dance rooms and Dj’s, in the basement you have hip hop, the ground floor mixed classic songs and another VIP club area. The energy and atmosphere just wasn’t my kind of place. The age limit is 23 to enter. 😉

Then we went to Hells Kitchena a club right next door to Sturecompagniet, it was better and I had fun there, cool music and much better vibe.

I still have a list of amazing Restaurants, Clubs and Lounge Places, I didn’t have time to try. I got the list from a friend of mine, he is a very successful Danish guy living in Stockholm and I trust he’s judgement.

So here you go..

Restaurants; Teatergrillen, Escalier, Riche, Farang, East, Himlen därtil

Lounge: Escalier, Skybar, Vasaeggen

Clubs: Café Opera, V (VIP), Suite (Thursday VIP), Hells Kitchen after 2 am, White Room after 02:30 am, Spy Bar (Gubrummet VIP)

Good LUCK!!



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Birthday Outfit, make up guide and Stockholm ;)