Are you scared of standing out?

Are you scared of standing out?

“Acceptance” –  wuuhuu a powerful word.

Why do many people only wear black clothes? (it looks like they are going to a funeral every day)

Why do many women over 50 cut their hair short and dress like men?

Why do many mothers with fit bodies wear boring baggy clothes and stop wearing make up?

Some people’s fashion style is controlled by the need of acceptance from other people.

Society and Tradition has a huge impact on what is acceptable to wear.

Humans are designed to seek acceptance, we all want it and it feels good when we have it.

Are you scared of being judged? Being different? Not being accepted?

These reasons should not dictate what you chose to wear.

You should wear what you feel looks good on your body; it should put a smile on your face and make you feel comfortable.

You don’t have to be nuts like me and wear crazy leggings. (see the photos below) There is no reason for you to be extreme in your outfit, if that is not your style.

But the need for acceptance can control people in more serious situations than fashion style.

When you talk, do you say what you really feel? Or do you say what you think people would like to hear?

Do you do things you like to do? Or do you do what everybody else is doing? 😉

I am not talking about doing a nice gesture for someone else.

I am referring to hobbies, relationships, work or other more personal decisions in life.

Acceptance is a dangerous thing; you could end up living your whole life based on what is expected of you, because you don’t feel good about disappointing other people.

There will always be some person that doesn’t like you. I would prefer everybody liking me, but that is never going to be the case. Some people will never like you for one reason or another.

I never waste my time on acceptance from people that are not important to me, and you shouldn’t either, be selective. Don’t even waste ONE second thinking about it, life is simply way too short and your time is precious.

You are allowed to do whatever makes you happy – as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. You have one life, use it wisely.

Start by putting a smile on your own face and go from there. You can’t make other people happy, if you are miserable.

Acceptance can drive people to do good, bad or crazy things. Never underestimate this need in yourself or in other humans.

Parents, are you aware of how much power you have over your children? Children crave acceptance more than adults and they will be miserable if they don’t feel your acceptance and love.

I hope you enjoyed my words of wisdom!!

Now let your hair down and have fun!! XOXO

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