Oatmeal porridge


Oatmeal porridge


Organic, gluten-free oatmeal

1 small teaspoon-lump of lactose-free butter

Water or lactose-free milk

A bit of honey


Place the oats in a pot and cover with milk or water. Bring to a boil (medium heat) and keep stirring until the milk/water has turned the oats into a smooth, creamy porridge.

Add a bit of honey and a small lump of butter




økologisk glutenfri havregryn

1 lille tsk. klump laktosefri smør

Vand eller laktosefri mælk

Lidt honning

Sådan gør du:

Kom din portion havregryn i en gryde, dæk portionen med vand eller mælk, bring det i kog og rør rundt indtil vandet/mælken er forsvundet ind i havregrynene, så det er en varm grød. Tilsæt lidt honning og en lille klump smør.

6 Pack Advice










Hey Boys and Girls,

How do you get visible abdominal muscles ?

In my experience body weight exercises does not work. You will have to train heavy using heavy dumbbells or barbells. Your mission will be to get bigger stomach muscles. The same theory as if you wanted bigger biceps (arms) or pecs (chest) my favorite exercises for abdominal is the cable pull down and training the obliques with dumbbells (side stomach muscles)

check out the two exercises below..

They work very well for me.

Hopefully some useful inspiration.

Happy Monday!




My Review Of Fifty Shades Of Grey


My review of Fifty Shades of Grey

I had a great evening watching the movie with two girlfriends.

The movie has gotten a lot of criticism, but I was pleasantly surprised when I watched it.

I have read all 3 books and loved them. The movie is seldom as good as the book, everyone knows that. Having very high expectation is never a good idea, because you will be bound to disappointment.

I think they did a good job; they included many of the scenes that are described in the books. The funny scenes and the very steamy, hot sex scenes.

Dakota Johnsons acting skills are not the best, I have to admit. I am a movie geek and very into the actors’ performance.

I was not blown away by her, especially in the beginning of the movie where she is not very credible. Later on she becomes better.

I act myself so I know how challenging acting can be. Therefore, I really appreciate a credible, talented performance that blows me away.

I am a tough audience, because I am one of the biggest movie geeks you will find. Acting is one of my biggest passions and I use my spare time researching this subject loads. Watching a good movie with talented actors is heaven to me, I could do it all day long.

If you haven’t seen it yet, look forward to very explicit sex scenes, I was very surprised about how many sex details you see in the movie. Definitely not a movie to see with family members, haha. You see Dakota Johnson completely naked in a few situations which is unusual.

Jamie Dornan is not how I imagined Mr Grey, he is very good looking in a pretty, soft, perfect, boyish way and I prefer my dream man to be more rugged and tough looking. But that is besides the point! lol

He does a good job – his performance is good.  He seems cold, confident and fucked up like Mr Grey, in the book.

I don’t think Dakota Johnson was the right actress for this movie, I would have preferred a more fragile-looking, shy, innocent girl. Something about her just doesn’t fit, I can’t really put my finger on it, or maybe it’s because I was not happy with her performance.

But it is  difficult to please everybody’s imaginary image of how Anastasia should look.

But overall, I liked the movie, they did a good job with the story. I can definitely recommend it. It was good entertainment and I was sucked into it, my girlfriends and I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you for listening.


Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon


Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

Ingredients (2 servings)

Coconut oil
5 eggs
Tiny pinch of sea salt
Tiny pinch of pepper
2 slices of smoked salmon
Parsley or other herb, if desired
4 Fresh cherry tomatoes


Whisk the eggs in a bowl thoroughly, add salt and pepper
Heat a pan – add oil
Add the egg to the pan, and turn the heat down to low
Keep stirring continuously until thick and scrambled
The scrambled eggs are ready after approximately 2-3 minutes; serve with slices of tomato and smoked salmon – garnish the eggs with parsley if desired.


Røræg med røget laks

Ingredienser (2 personer)

5 æg
1 knivspids havsalt
1 knivspids peber
Røget laks
Evt. persilledrys eller anden krydderurt
Friske tomater

Sådan gør du:

Slå æggene ud en skål, krydr med salt og peber og rør grundigt med et piskeris
Opvarm panden
Tilsæt olie
Hæld æggeblandingen ud på panden
Skru ned på lavt blus
Skrab æggemassen sammen, efterhånden som den størkner
Røræggene er færdige efter 2-3 minutter; serveres med tomatskiver og røget laks – drys eventuelt lidt persille på røræggene.