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How to get over a guy!!


How to get over a guy!!

I got this subject as a request from a girl that reads my blog. So here you go, sweetheart:

The best way to get over a guy is to have done everything you could in your past relationship with him. You should be left with the feeling that you did everything possible for the relationship to work. You were forgiving, you fought for the relationship when you had hard times, you were positive and trusted in the relationship and the love you had together; you loved him and showed it through your actions. If you did all that, and it still didn’t work, you can take a deep breath and feel good about yourself.

The problem arises when you feel you didn’t do enough, you quit too early or you made mistakes you wish you could take back. Then it becomes more difficult to take a deep breath and feel good about the past!

There is no easy answer to these questions, no recipe that works wonders, it is very individual and it all depends on what happened in your relationship. It takes time to get over a guy. Accept that and take the time you need to feel down.

By the end of the day, the past is the past! You have to force yourself to think rationally. Were you happy with him? Did you feel good in his company? Did he support your dreams and believe in you? Could you see a future with him? Did he make you feel special? Did you have chemistry together? Did he listen to you? Did he take an interest in you?
If some of the answers are ‘no’, it is probably more the companionship and security you miss.

The only way to get over a guy is to stay strong, stick to the facts and think rationally! Keep the emotions out and use your brain! Keep going over those facts in your mind.

Ladies! Talk to your girlfriends about it! Friends are very important in these situations. Talk about your feelings – never keep it all inside.

Good Luck 😉 Muaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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