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Be Your Own Unique Self! ( Read Why it is not always easy)


Yolo my beautiful readers 😉

Find your own style!! As a model or in Life.

Do not copy anybody else, you are your own unique self and nobody in the world is like you. Use it, be proud of it, be YOU!!

I promise you there is a bigger chance you will reach your goals and dreams, if you are strong enough to be yourself, do not be scared of being different, if you feel you are different – own it. People are intrigued with anything that is out of the ordinary and unique, it lies in our nature as human beings, we are curious creatures.

I always felt I was a different girl. I have always had different opinions, a different look – being mixed and having a huge hair. My sense of fashion and clothes is different. I am very intuitive, a deep thinker and very good at adapting to my surroundings and cluing people out.

Being a smart woman and having a look that attracts attention is great, but there is a downside to it. Many people will see you as a threat, especially women. Finding girls/women that have enough confidence to be your friend and not be threatened by the attention you get from people, has not been easy to find.

I am lucky to have amazing friends. Having strong friends is very essential for me, in My Life!! What is life without family and friends 😉 – NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE.. in my opinion. 😉

I have been hurt and disappointment more than usual when it comes to female friendships. So now I am cautious before I let new people into my life.

When I was younger, I had bad experiences where I trusted the wrong people. But I quickly learned not to be naive.

I have a good friend that studies psychology. He told me: ‘ Men will be jealous of loosing you, and women will be jealous of the way men look at you’ – That has been my only curse.

But I can’t complain – I know I am a blessed, lucky girl – with a wonderful life.

I started to appreciate my big hair and looks when I was around 13 – 14 years old. Before that time, I was a shy girl, it was difficult looking different growing up in Denmark. I wanted long straight hair, like all the other girls in my class at my school. At the time I always had my hair scraped back in a tight bun, hiding my curls. I never showed any of my class mates, how big my hair really was. I was the only girl in my class with curly hair and a permanent tan 😉 haha

Now I embrace it – to the fullest! I Love my big hair, it is part of my personality and I can’t imagine life without it.

Anyway – Anyone out there that is reading my blog and feels like he or she is different and doesn’t fit in or belong! All I can say is – own it – be you – do not be scared of being different in anyway!! Be proud of your roots, race, looks, personality, sexuality and gender, no matter how different it might be.

You are your own unique self. Be Proud! XOXO

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  • If you can stay within range, he should get caught by traffic soon. Writing it in your own words helps with
    remembering it. If you will ask a girl on the best ways to approach a girl, or how to ask a girl
    out, she’ll most likely say, “just be yourself”.

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  • I do not even know how I finished up here, however I believed this submit used
    to be great. I don’t recognize who you might be but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger in the event you are not already.

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    • Sabrina

      Thank you so much!! that makes me very happy 😉 xoxox

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