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My Amazing Readers J

Thank you for stopping by.

I am a privileged girl who has had a lot of different duties. I work with a million different things every day. Today it is Real Estate.

I work for a big company that is involved in many things, among others Real Estate.

Today I am spending my day in this gorgeous apartment on Islands Brygge in Denmark. It has a beautiful view and I love the area. (see the pictures)

A few potential new tenants are coming by and I have to show them around – hopefully they would like to live in this gorgeous apartment with the pretty view.

For the readers that live abroad – Islands Brygge is a very charming and extraordinary place. You shouldn’t miss seeing it in the summer time if you travel to Copenhagen. During the summer everybody sunbathes and cools themselves with a dip in the water.  I have been to many big cities around the world and it is not often you have the opportunity to take a swim right in the heart of the city. There are lovely restaurants and cafés in the area as well.

Some of my readers have asked me if I do anything else besides being a model, actress, personal trainer and nutritionist. Here is the answer:

I work in a company that, among other things, deals with real estate. Besides that I also manage employees, supervise, deal with administration duties and attend meetings with potential new contracts and clients.

I get restless quickly. So I prefer to do different jobs, so I won’t get bored. 🙂

Loads of positive energy and thoughts from me J Enjoy your day.













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