Dress To Impress - 3rd chaper of How To get A Sexy Girl On A Date

Have Balls – 4th chapter of How To Get A Sexy Girl On A Date


  1. Have balls

It’s Saturday night and you arrive at your favorite venue. You rock that tailored suit or your casual sexy bad boy outfit. You’ve walked around the premises looking like the man. You order your manly drink (because you are not drinking pink drinks with pineapple pieces and green straws!) You see the girl of your dreams has appeared. You know that as a man, you have to approach even though you may feel uncomfortable doing so – but since you feel and look great, you casually walk across the floor with confident steps and introduce yourself… Now, in your head you probably hear the voice of Gerard Butler in 300 – and it should be! Be aware of how your voice sounds and the register you speak in, because a man who speaks fast in a high-pitched voice is not sexy. Speak slowwwwwlyyy, maintain eye-contact, stand tall and upright, be very aware of your body language, it is more important than what you say, bad posture leaning toward your toes or shaky hands will reveal you are insecure or scared. But remember – this is just a girl you are talking to, as a man, it’s the most natural thing in the world, the ancient song-and-dance.

If you want to approach the most popular girls in the venue, you CANNOT show fear. We are used to men coming up all the time, and we’ve heard it all before, so we scan for confidence – ‘why is he so cocky?’  Confidence is attractive and cannot be faked; your body language, your micro behaviors will reveal your true essence. If you have walked up to the hottest girl in the club, you better mean it!!! Now, personally, I will always give a guy props for trying and I will never be rude or mean because it DOES take courage and balls to walk up to a woman you don’t know. Girls appreciate the gesture, even if there’s no mutual attraction. Perhaps you need to practice your game, talk to a lot of girls so you feel comfortable doing it. Practice makes perfect.

The most important part tomorrow – Dos and Don’ts On The First Date – Last part of this guide!! –


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Dress To Impress - 3rd chaper of How To get A Sexy Girl On A Date