Challenge yourself and get that perfect round tight butt for New Years Eve 

Body Shape – 2nd chapter of how to get a sexy girl on a date ;) ENJOY ;) – hilarious and very important info for you boyz

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You’d be surprised how much your body has already said before you’ve even opened your mouth. In today’s world obesity is a growing problem and too many men ignore that this is actually an area where you can do A LOT! You can mold your body into any shape you want; the body is amazing like that. Being fit has SOO many benefits; not only will girls respond more favorably to a man who takes care of his body, but you will look better, feel better, and project more confidence,  which again will increase your appeal and success with the ladies. You don’t have to match Arnold’s biceps, but we girls are petite, fragile creatures, and we want a man who can protect us from all the dangers out there. When the danger comes, or after we watch a scary movie 😉 we want our man to hold us in his strong arms, if he’s ams and legs are my size, he doesn’t seem like the protective shield we want him to be. A really dangerous situation may never arise, or maybe it will be out of your control to deal with it – but please – let us have the illusion! 😉

Hitting the gym regularly (with correct supervision and advice) will make you look and feel manlier – Have a look at my workout video’s as well, more vide’o er coming shortly! Some great tips for guys too. Girls want that male-female polarity, we sense the testosterone that emanates from you when you have been psychically active, which triggers our female instincts that tell us that you, my friend, are a good candidate to reproduce with (this is on a subconscious level, of course, but still true, nevertheless). You might have a better chance getting laid.

Doing the Disco workout – only chest and arms before hitting town will not do the trick; as with everything else: consistency is key. Do not skip the leg work out because it’s boring, legs compromise half of your body (in case you didn’t notice) and tiny chicken legs look good on no one!

Tuesday – More information – reach the girl of your dreams – Dress to impress – important stuff!! – don’t miss it 😉 the last 3 chapters.

9/12 – Tuesday – Dress To Impress

10/12 – Wenesday – Have Balls

11/12 – Thursday – Dos and Don’ts on the first date

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Challenge yourself and get that perfect round tight butt for New Years Eve 