Dos And Don'ts On The First Date - 5th chapter of How To Get A Sexy Girl On A Date

Bad Posture (Dårlig Holdning)


 80 % of all humans have a bad posture (Dårlig holdning) What do you signal with this body language? I AM INSECURE

Your body language says so much more about you personality than what comes out of your mouth.

When you walk into a room with your shoulders bent down to your chest, you signal unconsciously  “I AM INSECURE”. This is the signal you will send to strangers whether  you like it or not. Our posture and body language is the first thing men and women look at when they see you for the first time.

Maybe you are not insecure so why would you want to signal the wrong thing?!

People that have an office job or students that sit down in front of their computers and study will usually have a bad posture. The reason is their body is not used efficiently. The body is not active and our body is designed to be active.  What happens is your upper back muscles are too weak to hold your bones in the correct position and therefore the upper back bones will have a tendency to slide forward in a very bad position.

Besides looking bad it will also give you pain. Stiff neck, sore muscles, head aches , migraines, tiredness and it can even lead to a permanent injury in your back or neck.

(I have my background) as a masseuse. I have seen so many ensamples of people like this. Students that study often and older people or in general inactive people will end up with weak back muscles and will suffer from bad posture.

This bad body language will also limit you in a job interview for example, YOU WILL SIGNAL – I AM INSECURE.

Let’s say, you say all the correct things and you did an amazing presentation of yourself – you might miss the opportunity of your dream job because your body language will signal the wrong thing.

Besides job interviews, there are situations where you walk into a crowded room and you will again signal “I AM INSECURE”. That is horrible – I want all of you to signal: I am a confident man and woman  – let’s say you actually are insecure, still  I am sure you don’t want to signal it, anyway.

So here is the solution – take care of your body. Go to the gym and work on your upper back muscles. Many women forget this part of their body when they are at the gym, they will focus on their belly, butt and legs. The upper body is so important, you don’t want a sack of potatoes for you upper body and fit legs. The body is connected you can’t skip any part. I know how a beautiful female back in a backless dress will make your sex appeal grow.

There is nothing more seductive than a man or woman walking with confident steps looking tall, lean and powerful with the perfect posture.

Besides all this, you have to work out your back for health reasons, we have all seen old people with crazy bad posture, and they can’t even see ahead, they have to bend their heads in a very awkward position to see straight. I don’t want any of you ending up like that. Take it serious please.

Your body is your most important tool – please take care of it. I will show you my favorite back exercise in this video – please look at my technique and do it correctly, if you are in doubt ask a personal trainer at your gym to help you out.

2 -3 times a week 3 sets of 10-15 that will help you out, I would love it if you could do more back exercises than just this one.

Thank you for listening.

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