Running Form

What does your form look like when you run?
– Are your abs, upper and lower back activated?
– Are you using your whole body?
– Are you focused?
– How is your posture?
– Is your core engaged?
– Are you controlling your body or your body is controlling you?
Heel two toe – use your whole foot!
All these points matter!
Improving your running form and cardio comes from focus and body awareness;)

Goodnight Facial Mask


There are so many options to choose from when it comes to facial cosmetic brands. This one is my favourite night mask, it feels lovely on your face, light and moisturising.
Plus you can leave it on all night! It’s not very pricey, try it out and remember to take time out of your busy day to spoil yourself, it doesn’t have to be big time consuming projects.Using 5 minutes of your time on a facial mask, can relax you mentally and make you feel good about yourself. :) By the end of a busy day.

Sweet dreams! Always take care of you! Nighty. Night.

Positive Energy!!


Life is Short. Ask anybody who has lived a long life, and they will tell you it seemed like only yesterday that they were young and full of energy. They will also tell you (at least after a glass of wine or two) that they regret all the things they did not do, and the things they put up with for waaayyy too long! Life.Is.Short!

What makes every day worth living is the people you are surrounded by. I feel so lucky and blessed to have positive and beautiful friends in my life. Surround yourself with people that encourage you in reaching your goals, support you and believe in you. Too many people have a negative outlook on life, having stopped dreaming themselves, they stop others from reaching out ​​and pursuing there dreams, whatever it is. Do not let this negative energy extinguish your dream. This is your life and you are the captain of your own happiness, you Decide where this ship goes!

Value yourself and your time. It can seem harsh, but evaluating your friends from time to time and seeing who brings positivity to your life and who does not, can save you wasting precious time and energy with the wrong people. Going separate ways or cutting negative people out of your life is not (always) easy. But remember – you only having this one life! Life can be hard on you, and you will have to be hard back. There are so many beautiful, inspiring and amazing people in the world – why waste your time with negative people and energies that pull you down and ruin your mood !? Do your friends make you happy? Do they put a smile on your face? Are they there for you?

But please remember, your friends are only humans, they are not perfect – Watch out by having too high expectations, that will end in disappointment.
Be happy everyday. Make a list of things that make ​​you happy today, then you can remember and appreciate even the little things – it can be a smile from a stranger, or your 20 minutes run this morning while listening to that song (you know which one!)

Being happy all day everyday is not possible. But each day there will be something good – so keep your eyes open, a smile on your face, think positive, dress sexy and chic, or handsome and hot, wear your favourite perfume, see what wonderful things this day, in this life of yours, will have in store for you.

Enjoy your week. Loads of positive energy and thoughts.Xx

Which legs are mine ;)


I am sure you love to Lie in the sun just as I do, and there are many benefits to doing just that – Absorbing Vitamin D being one, having Sexy brown legs another!

Wearing sunscreen while in the Sun is a must for me, and should be for you, too. While having the gorgeous bronze glow is desirable – wrinkles are most definitely NOT! Women have thinner skin than men and we get wrinkles much easier, and exposure to sun is one of the biggest contributors to a wrinkly face than anything else (don’t get me started on solarium sunbeds) This doesn’t mean that you should stay home forever – it means protect your face whenever you sunbathe. I started to protect my face with high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) sunscreen in my early twenties. A sunscreen with an SPF between 30-50 is recommended – remember to re-apply every few hours.

Yes I know what you are thinking; “Why have the brown sexy body of Halle Berry, if your face looks like a person that have not seen the sun for a 100 years?” And you are absolutely right – this is not a hot combination, so here is the solution (we want the colour, not the wrinkles right girls?!): Use self-tan on your face! Its that simple, really.

Please protect that pretty face, Ladies, you will have to look at it all your life and we want to avoid Botox as long time as we can – and remember – the face goes from your hair line and down to your chest – You don’t want them nasty wrinkles between your puppies either ;)

Enjoy! Xx

Sexy Bikini Pics

This blog cant be all serious ;) I need to put some bikini pics – so all that healthy food and lifestyle talk has a goal ;)